Michael Hicks For Legislative District 10

21st Century Infrastructure

Infrastructure expenditures typically lead to job creation and are strong economic multipliers, resulting in productivity gains which can bring very low interest rates creating an ideal environment to fund infrastructure projects. Tucson has spent many millions of dollars in building infrastructure that we subsequently allowed to fall into despair due to poor planning, financial management and irresponsible budgetary practices regarding to maintenance.

It is time for a bold, new vision for Tucson’s infrastructure policies that focuses attention on the 21st century challenges.

1. I will work with State and local transportation coalitions for ideas on Transportation options.

2. I will work with State and Regional partners to oppose any reduction in HURF funding that should come to Tucson.

3. I will work with Tucson City Staff on Transportation infrastructure maintenance funding needs.

4. I will explore expansion of Transit services (pedestrian, bus and trains)

5. I will support the notion of creating a permanent funding source for Tucson’s Transportation system.

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