Michael Hicks For Legislative District 10

Economic Development

I will attract new technologies and industry to better Tucson and Arizona's economy which will bring up the living standards of all. I will commit to bringing in 2.4 Billion dollars which will equate to over 10,000 new high paying jobs to Tucson.

Tucson has a unique environment. This uniqueness could secure Tucson’s competitive position in attracting new economic development.

Modernizing our infrastructure across the city is critical to our maintaining and improving Tucson’s economic competitiveness.

  1. I will work with the local jurisdictions to cap and lower business tax rate (currently 14%)
  2. I will commit to promoting and investing in our opportunity zones
  3. I will work with businesses in reviewing proposed government intrusions
  4. I will work to strengthen local public-private partnerships
  5. I will work with our technology partners in incorporating state of the art local solar electric power generation and storage.

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