Michael Hicks For Legislative District 10

My TUSD Achievements

1. Student achievement had increased in TUSD. The distance showed its best improvement and performance on AZMERIT in 2017-2018. It improved at a higher percentage than the state in both language arts and math in 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 10thand 11th grades.

2. A new Code of Conduct has been approved. The new discipline policy returns classroom and school control to teachers and principals. Off campus suspensions are now allowed for fights, teachers can now remove disruptive students from class, and administrators have more options to address disruptive students.

3. The District has achieved partial unitary status. TUSD was declared as legally compliant and having partially met the requirements of the court order in 8 specific areas. It can no longer be said that TUSD is “fighting” with the plaintiffs or “refusing” to implement the USP. (Transportation, quality of education, administrative and certificated staff, student assignment, family and community engagement, extra-curricular activities, facilities and technology, accountability and transparency).

4. The District spent less then 10% on administrative spending in 2017-2018 and more than 51% in the classroom. At the close of the 2017-2018 SY, the classroom dollar percentage was 52.1% and administrative expenditure percentage was 9.7%. For 18-19, administrative spending will fall to 9.0% or lower.

5. Uncovered unauthorized movement of 301 funding. Paid teachers $14 Million in 301 Performance that had been secretly withheld from teachers to cover overspending of other funds

6. For the first time, TUSD in 2017-18 paid teachers both their 301 Performance payments the same year teachers earned it. In the past, TUSD delayed the 2nd payment until the next school year, as much as 6 or 7 months later

7. Brought substitute teachers back in-house. This move gives provides Az retirement and after working the required days, health insurance. The idea is to have enough subs, so teachers and counselors don't have to sub, they can teach and counsel kids.

8. The District has implemented extended day learning and credit recovery programs across the districts high schools. Hundreds of high school students who have fallen behind on credits and would have left for charter schools are now taking advantage of extended day online learning from a TUSD high school.

9. TUSD has doubled the amount of dual enrollment course offered from 16 courses offered in 2016 to 32 courses offered in 2017-2018.

10. The TUSD board approved $1 million in school safety improvements across the district including improved fencing, alarm systems, and the installation of keyless entry systems at each one of the district’s campuses.

11. TUSD purchased and distributed digital tablets for all K-3 classrooms in the district. This purchase supports reading development and is a big win for K-3 Literacy.

12. TUSD dramatically expended CTE programming across the district’s high schools in the last two years. The district has almost doubled the amount of CTE courses as well as increase the amount of students attending CTE courses throughout the district, including the expansion of Santa Rita high school’s CTE academy over the next year or two, and new programs at Rincon, Pueblo, Santa Rita, and Catalina.

13. Supported well deserved raises for teachers, white and blue collar workers. He was and continues to be a champion for ALL school staff.

14. Video recording of Board meeting, Prior to Mike taking office, there was no video accountability for Board and staff members.

15. Celebrative Policy making Mike championed cooperative policy making in the District. Faculty, Staff, Students and Parents review DRAFT Board policies prior to Board approval.

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